Personal Protective Equipment's

We have a wide range of personal protective equipment's[PPE] including FRP Safety helmets, Face shields, Ear muffs, Gas masks & other respiratory solutions, Woven Hand gloves, Full body Suits & coveralls, Aprons, Leg guards & Shoes. 

Our wide range of products portfolio ensure Head to toe protection for your workforce at any work site. 

Our safety helmets offer protection against falling objects, bumps which prevents a serious injury to the worker. Our core competency is in to FRP & HDPE helmets which are used in various industries. 

We offer Face-shield's in Acrylic [PET] & Polycarbonate [PC] Visors. We have face protective equipment's based on different applications and industries. Faceshield to helmet holder bracket also available in ABS & Aluminium.

We have over 20 models in safety spectacles which are used in various industries. Sovin®️ JK 747 series is the most active model which comes with an additional stainless steel side protection and toughened lens which is highly durable & meets the safety standards. 

 Sovin®️ EP 101 with ABS Head band & EP 102 with metallic support is ergonomically designed and ensures maximum attenuation & thereby providing highest level of safety to the ears and thereby preventing a person from getting Noise induced hearing loss(NHIL) 

We offer various respiratory equipment's for the users to operate smooth in harsh & toxic environments. Our SCBA set with steel cylinder provides hassle free breathing during challenging working operations confined spaces, hazards & rescue operations. 

We manufacture Chemical resistant PVC body suits & Aprons which are used in the Chemical industries to provide protection against chemical splashes. We also manufacture Aluminum fire proximity suit for high temperature applications. 

We have a wide range of Cut & Sewn -woven hand gloves for various applications which offer high temperature resistance, tear & cut resistance etc. We produce Leather gloves, Aluminized Gloves, Cotton, Aramid fabric gloves in different sizes from 12'' to 24'' 

We supply Leather safety shoes, Wellington high raise shoes, Aluminized shoes, Gumboots with steel toe, Asbestos shoes for special applications. We also have a wide range of leg-guards & Gaiters which are used to protect the legs under harsh environments & conditions.