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🚨 How toxic & highly corrosive gases affect us?

Toxic dangers to people

Corrosive gases and vapours are especially dangerous to people because when these gases are ingested or inhaled they quickly begin attacking, burning and destroying tissue. The eyes and respiratory tract are extremely sensitive and vulnerable to permanent injury. Once the toxins in the gas reach the bloodstream they can penetrate major organs like the the lungs, liver, kidneys, as well as the reproductive and nervous systems.

Damage to Plant & Equipment's

Corrosive gases can attack and corrode metals, causing damage to operating plant and equipment while reducing the lifespan of operating machinery. In electrical power systems, the build-up of corrosion creates excess heat which can cause circuit breakers and motor starters to explode. Corroded gas cylinders can cause catastrophic leaks, chemical reactions and explosions.

Toxic danger to environment

Corrosive gases can also create environmental hazards. Some corrosive gases represent an acute toxic hazard to aquatic environments, while others can damage fauna, vegetation, and rural properties.

Leaking cylinders that contain corrosive gas can cause fatalities and dangerous incidents very quickly. All gases under pressure can displace the oxygen in a room or confined space, and corrosive gases that are also flammable become an explosion risk


A compliant EMERGENCY LEAK ARREST KIT-A / KIT-B and EMERGENCY SAFETY SHOWER & EYEWASH station should be in the work area as well as a first aid kit and emergency PPE. Staff should be well trained in chemical emergencies knowing the location of the safety showers/eye-wash stations and how to use them.

Case Studies📚

Supply of High temperature face shield protection

Customer Scenario : Day to day operations included working under higher elevated temperatures and thus the there was an utmost need of a face protection which would last long, does not deform & can provide highest safety while working

Our Solution : They were using acrylic face shield visors which used to deform under high temperatures and would not solve the purpose. Also that the visors they were using were not clear and would have difficulty in vision & operations during work. We offered them our high temperature Polycarbonate visor with a FRP helmet & attachment bracket which helped the user to work for longer hours under higher temperatures and with highest safety. Our face protective wear also provided them higher surface area which covered majority of the face portion. Initially a prototype was sent to the customer for the users comfort & acceptance before they placed order to us. Production & delivery was well accomplished within customer requirements.

Emergency kit with larger hood for cylinders with ring support

Customer Scenario : We often get queries from our customers highlighting issue of ring support in their cylinders and due to which regular hood is unable to fix on the cylinder to stop gas leak.

Our Solution : We have successfully designed & developed a customized higher size hood which would fit on to the cylinders with ring support configuration. Due to the larger size of hood the ring on the top of cylinder no more creates a hurdle for the hood to be fixed & the emergency worker can easily carry out his/her operations to contain the gas leak. With our latest development, we have also developed a universal ring for ton containers which helps the user to operate the emergency kit alone. We are today supplying our emergency kits to majority of the customers dealing with hazardous corrosive gases such as Chlorine, Ammonia, Sulphur dioxide, methyl chloride & Hcl

Special air flow regulator belt to control breathing air inside a PPS hood

Customer Scenario : They faced issue of either receiving excessive breathing air or at times less air then required while wearing a Plus pressure suit (PPS). The amount of air was coming from a compressor which has a fixed pressure & flowrate.

Our Solution : We designed a air flow regulator which allowed the user to operate & regulate the flowrate of air required inside the hood during working. PPS hood are used majorly in Powder coating, sand blasting & paint/chemical spray applications. Wearing a PPS hood becomes mandatory while working in these environments & since the PPS has a face hood which covers the entire face there is a requirement of constant air supply with regulated flow to the wearer for breathing.

PPS with PVC jacket & leather jacket, FRP face hood & visor and air flow regulator belt was successfully delivered our customer.

Few safety messages⚠️

🚧 Learning🚧

Always important to wear Safety Helmet for adequate head protection, safety spectaclesto protective eyewear for eye protection, hand gloves to avoid any cuts & Safety Harness to prevent fall which can be deadly !!

🚧 Learning🚧

Chlorine gas leak !! Always wear a PPE and keep in place Emergency kit which will help contain the leak. Failing to do so can cause severe fatalities.

🚧 Learning🚧

Flying objects do not come with prior notice !! Always wear protective eyewear to avoid getting serious damages from sharp objects, liquid splashes & chemicals.